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Archie Bloom

The Prince of Australia

I grew up with a passion for music, first playing guitar at age 14 and initially finding a love for bands like RHCP, U2 and The White Stripes before getting deep into legendary Hip Hop acts like Biggie, Big L and Lil Wayne. When I discovered acts like Kerser and Hilltop Hoods I realised that I could also make music in the Hip Hop scene, so about 4 years ago at age 23 I started making my own music and perfecting my unique sound and style. I realized I was already too old for labels to care about me, so I looked towards acts like Russ and again Kerser to gain motivation and knowledge on how to be a successful independant artist.

When I'm not spending my time locked in my home studio I'm usually out modelling, working on short films or going on cross country 4x4 and motorbike adventures.

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